40 Years of Hip Hop

G-Man Commentary - Holiday Special Part 02

December 28, 2021 The G-Man Season 3 Episode 0
40 Years of Hip Hop
G-Man Commentary - Holiday Special Part 02
40 Years of Hip Hop
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🎀   G-Man Commentary - Holiday Special Part 02 🎀
🎀  Mr. Ron & The G-Man  🎀 The Scholar & The Purist 🎀 Reviewing 1000 songs 🎀

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E74 Follow the Leader - Eric B. & Rakim
E76 Exhibit C - Jay Electronica
E78 The Worst Guy - Childish Gambino Ft. Chance The Rapper
E80 Antidote - Travis Scott
E82 Digits- Young Thug
E84 I Don’t Like Remix - Kanye West feat. Chief Keef, Pusha T, Big Sean & Jadakiss
E86 It’s a Shame (My Sister) - Monie Love Feat. True Image
E88 Dead Presidents - Jay-Z